We envision a universe in harmony.


We believe in a collective Universal body. We recognize that all that lives around us is an extension of ourselves. Thus, we are committed to treating each individual as though they were us. We attempt to harness the collective power of individuality and life in all of its beautiful forms. The language of respect knows no barriers. We exist as human representatives within a Universal community. 

We believe that no process essential for universal survival should come at a cost, as cost is a human construct. Nothing that is truly essential requires money. Art is an impenetrable force of creative expression, essential to human emotional stasis and connection. Furthermore, music making is the most Universally friendly process that a human can partake in. The creation of sound by humans creates infinite oscillations via finite means. This is the most efficient energetic process.  

All life in the Universe is moving energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, only repurposed. The Universe is infinite. There are no limits placed on artistry at Mangum Universal, cost or otherwise. We are a home for the infinite.